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St. Croix- Custom Croix Ice ( 36” M/L Spoon Hopper)

If you love to ice fish and you require quality equipment you need look no further than St. Croix. Quality that is trusted and proven is all any anger wants, well you found it with St. Croix.

Just the Facts:

St. Croix’s all-new Croix Ice series of technique-specific rods features extreme performance blanks and materials specific to each model. This series incorporates five distinct blank platforms in solid and tubular configurations. Croix Custom Ice blank materials are engineered specifically for ice rods, and are equipped with premium-grade components, resetting the bar for performance on the ice.

My Story:

I really love to ice fish and I love a good rod. Having a quality rod can really be the difference between catching a limit or catching a goose egg. So, when I had the chance to try out the St. Croix Custom Croix Ice (36” M/L Spoon Hopper) I knew that I had to jump at the chance.

The rod arrived jut before a trip to Minnesota and North Dakota to chase all manner of species. Luckily I was armed with a whole line of St. Croix ice rods, which I will subsequently be reviewing in later reviews. I wanted a very quality rod for targeting walleye and panfish so the Spoon Hopper was the recommended rod. Right out of the box I knew it was going to be a winner.

Day one was off to a great start as the crappie were biting and we were getting some fish on the ice.

Soon after I was able to really get a bucket list item knocked off the list and caught my first pike. This was not really what I was after with this specific setup but I am happy to report that this rod handled the task without any issues.

Next we went after walleye and while fishing was very slow and nothing like we hoped it would be i was able to ice a few eyes and again the Spoon Hopper was a rock star!

After this trip I returned to my home state and hit the ice once more for a quick little perch trip. It ended up being a slam dunk trip and we caught more fish than I ever want to clean again.

The finial trip for the year was in Idaho at the infamous Cascade Reservoir. Here we were after 2lb perch and let me tell you these are a blast. These fish are incredibly aggressive and having a good responsive rod is a must. You need that sensitivity but also the backbone to handle a fish that is going to fight like a bass. The 36” Spoon Hopper is perfect for the job.

After using the Custom Croix Ice Spoon Hopper in 4 states and fishing for everything from crappie to pike with trout and perch mixed between I can say this rod has taken it’s seat at the thrown and is now the king of my rod box. I love this rod and its versatility. It is the perfect balance between sensitivity and responsivity. It provided the proper action for raps, spoons, and even works for tungsten’s. Bottom line is that this thing is just going to help you catch fish because it aids in proper presentation and gives you the backbone you need for anything that is foolish enough to bite your bait. I love this rod!

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