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Camp Chef Pro 14 –

Do you love to cook? Do you ever wish you had kitchen quality while cooking in the outdoors? Well if you answered yes you need to look into Camp Chef and all their amazing products!

Just the Facts:

For over 25 years, Camp Chef cooking systems have given you the power you need to cook like a pro wherever you go. Thanks to a completely new design, the Pro 14 is raising the bar again. With two 30,000 BTU burners, matchless ignition, and a three-sided windscreen, cooking outdoors has never been easier. You can create culinary masterpieces wherever you go with all the mix-and-match 14″ accessories. Munch on pizzas at the campsite, grill steaks in the backyard, fry bacon at the tailgate party, and more. New features such as two side shelves that fold down, built-in leg levelers, and convenient folding legs put the Pro 14 at the top of its class, giving you a cooking experience unlike any other. Add this cooking system to your outdoor kitchen today.

  • Cooking Dimensions:
    14 IN X 32 IN
  • Cooking Area:
    448 SQ IN
  • System Height:
    32 IN
  • System Weight:
    48.5 LBS
  • Total Output:
    60,000 BTUS/HR Burner
  • Warranty:
    One Year

Fits With: 14

My Story:

I have a long-standing love of Camp Chef and the products they provide. I would argue that if you have ever been in a campground or a hunting camp you have at least seen people using Camp Chef products, and for good reason. Camp Chef is known to make some of the best quality outdoor cooking gear available.

I am no stranger to the great products Camp Chef provides and when the chance came to test out the Pro 14 I had to jump at the opportunity. I had some great cooks lined up for this testing and I could hardly wait for these items to hit my doorstep.

The Pro 14 is a two-burner stove system that gives you two 30,000 BTU burners, electric ignition, a wind screen, adjustable legs and two fold out shelves. This is truly the cat’s meow of outdoor stoves. With a weight of around 50lbs it’s not going to be something you take backpacking, but it will be perfect for backyard cookouts or manageable enough to go on those car camping adventures.

After assembly my first testing was done at home. I set out to cook my favorite meal, tacos! I hooked up the propane and hit the electric ignition. The stove worked just as you would expect, and I was left with a fantastic meal. I used the 14×16’’ flat top attachment for this cook and was instantly impressed with the even heating it provided even if only for taco shells.

My first big cook was for a celebration of life at our family cabin. My brother and I had been asked to make smash burgers and I was ready for the task. A previous purchase meant I now had two of the 14’’x16’’ flat tops which could be used in tandem on the Pro 14. Fearing this may not be enough cooking space I decided to run to the store and purchase another Camp Chef stove and got the Explorer 2 and another flat top. This allowed for plenty of grilling space and a free burner for the wok that I used to make Coke onions. (Simmer onions in butter and Coke until they caramelize)

People loved the setup and acted as if I had just cracked some secret outdoor cooking code. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of people that had not seen a setup like the one I was using.

The next cook was also a big one, and I used the same setup to make tacos for around 50 people. I am happy to report that everything went as planned and I was able to make some really great food for even better people, and I was even able to motivate several passerby’s to look into buying their own Camp Chef Pro 14 as they were all thoroughly impressed.

This stove is for sure staying in my “Forever Gear” pile and not something that I plan to part ways with anytime soon. I have already been requested to cook tacos again for this upcoming softball season and I’m sure I will be doing my fair share of smash burgers as well. This is a stove that will only be limited by your imagination. 

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What can be done better?

I could not find anything that I felt really needed to be changed. The stove folds up nicely, cooks as it should, and is as simple to use as it is effective. You will not regret this purchase and the amount of versatility it provides with all the other Camp Chef accessories you can add on. If you choose to use tandem flat tops and not buy the large one piece know that you will need to have a plan for grease. The two drains will be on the left side so if using tandem grills, the right-side grease trap will end up being in the center of the grill. Not the end of the world but should be planned for.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


Do you love to cook? Do you ever wish you had kitchen quality while cooking in the outdoors? Well if you answered yes you need to look into Camp Chef and all their amazing products!


Folds up


Lots of Accessories 

Works as advertised

Easy to clean