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Fieldsheer Ranger Heated Work Gloves

If you are a serious outdoors enthusiast you know that gloves are a must. That sais not all gloves are created equal an certainly not universal. Fieldsheer had done it’s best to bridge the gap and make a perfect work/play glove that I think you will really enjoy.

Just the Facts:

Designed to be highly durable and weather resistant, the Fieldsheer® powered by Mobile Warming® heating technology Ranger heated gloves are built to last through the harshest labor conditions. The Ranger Gloves are built from our premium goatskin leather with a reinforced anti-slip palm to keep a grip on the task at hand. Plus, Fieldsheer’s premium Rainguard® insulation, a breathable, waterproof liner, gives the Ranger heated glove unsurpassed performance in cold, wet conditions. The inside provides unparallel warmth with a soft polyester fleece liner and our rechargeable Mobile Warming® 7.4-volt heating system. Powered by a set of ultra-slim rechargeable 7.4-volt batteries located in-cuff to keep you comfortable for up to 8 hours per charge. The Ranger Gloves offer a high temperature of 135ºF and a low of 90ºF letting you choose your preferred intensity of heat. Throttle the heat with a simple touch of the integrated waterproof control button quickly and easily adjusts the 4 distinct temperature settings to ensure you can find your perfect setting. The Ranger Gloves offer a high temperature of 135ºF and a low of 90ºF letting you choose your preferred intensity of heat. Add a set of the Ranger Gloves to your tool belt and make the next job easier by keeping your fingers functional.

Glove Features:

  • Premium Goatskin Leather Outer Shell
  • 100% Soft Polyester Fleece Liner
  • Rainguard® Waterproof Layer
  • Reinforced Anti-Slip Palm
  • Hook & Latch Wrist Closure
  • Integrated Heat Elements
  • 4 Selectable Heat Settings
  • Heat Over Top of Hand & Fingers
  • Integrated Waterproof Touch Control Button
  • Available in XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL & 3XL

Battery Features:

  • Split Pack Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (7.4V 2000mAh)
  • Up to 8 Hours of Power Per Charge
  • UL/CE certified
  • AC wall charger included
  • Charge Time 3-4 hours*

My Story:

I love a good pair of gloves as much as the next person. For serious outdoor adventure they are completely necessary. So, when I was introduced to Fieldsheer and made away for the Ranger Heated Work Gloves I knew I had to try them out.

When they arrived I found them to be a very high quality looking glove. The have a great soft leather feel and from what I could tell they were going to work well. I charged up the batteries and waited for weather cold enough to get them out.

The first chance we had to use the gloves was during a coyote hunting trip. My wife ALWAYS has cold hands and I know that she was going to be so excited to try these gloves out. So, of we went into the field and she was ready to try them out. Her first impression was that they are comfortable from the wrist down but she was not a huge fan of the battery pack. She found it cumbersome and somewhat uncomfortable. The heat on the other hand was something that she loved and she made quick work out of the batteries with them being on high for around the two hour mark. So, as advertised but not really long enough for a serious adventure.

I was going to buy some additional batteries as I was about to leave for a trip to North Dakota and Minnesota but it slipped my mind. So I made the trip with just the one set. My hands do ok in the cold so I was not to worried and after using the high setting to heat the gloves up I could switch to a lower setting and get anywhere from 3.5 to 4 hours out of the gloves.   

I used these gloves multiple times throughout several states during the ice season and I found them to be high quality. I often never even needed to turn them on. I will say that the fit is a bit small due to the battery pack and if you have any moisture on your hands you may struggle so I would size up.  

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