Rucksack Brands and Reviews

Children’s Rucksack Brands Reviewed

As parents, we continually strive to equip our children with tools that stand up to the challenge of their bustling school days and adventures. With a background steeped in evaluating children’s supplies, I’ve come to recognize that not all kids’ rucksacks are created equal.

Over time, my reviews have sifted through countless backpack brands, zeroing in on those hallmarks of durability and design that genuinely meet our youngsters’ needs.

This blog post is stacked with insider insights rooted in thorough research across various top-tier brands known for their resilience and child-friendly features. Here you’ll find a meticulous guide designed to streamline your search for the perfect children’s rucksack.

Discover how eco-conscious choices intertwine with sturdy zippers and padded straps—details matter when it comes to daily use by our little explorers. Dive into this treasure trove of information; let’s find the ideal pack together!

Key Takeaways

  • The L.L. Bean Original Book Pack is top-rated for its durability and smart design, making it a great overall choice for kids’ backpacks.
  • The North Face Borealis Backpack is praised as the most durable option, ideal for both school and outdoor activities.
  • For younger students in elementary school, the Columbia Zigzag Backpack stands out due to its comfort and size appropriateness.
  • The Bansusu Geometric Print Backpack offers the best value with ample space, practical features, and a stylish look suitable for primary students.

How We Picked the Top Kids Rucksack / Backpack Brands

In our quest to determine the standout kids backpack brands, we conducted in-depth research and hands-on testing, honing in on factors such as durability, effective design for organization, and eco-friendliness to guide parents toward smart, sustainable choices for their children’s gear.

Research and testing methods

We looked at how tough and useful different kids’ backpacks are by watching them in real-life situations. Kids and parents tried out the top bags for many months. They used them at school, including preschool, elementary, middle, and high school.

Our team bought a bunch of popular backpacks to test them hands-on.

We checked each bag carefully for things like how much it can hold, if it stays strong over time, and if people really like using it. Families gave their honest opinions on which features worked best, from padded shoulder straps to water bottle pockets.

We made sure to look at every detail that could make a backpack both fun and practical for kids to use every day.

Kids need bags that last a long time and help keep them organized through all their adventures at school or play. We kept this in mind as we tested different styles—from rolling backpacks with cool zipper pulls to bookbags with reflective strips for safety.

We chose the winners because they stood out in key areas such as durability, design savvy, comfort features like padded back panels, eco-friendliness—and yes—even machine washable options!

Factors considered: durability, organization, design

Choosing a great kids’ backpack means checking for quality and smart design. Kids need something tough, easy to use, and fun to wear.

  • Durability: The backpack must last a long time. We check how strong the fabric is and how well it’s put together. Backpacks like the Fjällräven Kånken use durable material that can take a lot of wear and tear.
  • Organization: It’s important for kids to find their things easily. We look for bags with lots of pockets, like the JanSport SuperBreak, which help keep books and pencils in order.
  • Design: A backpack should look good and reflect a kid’s style. We pick ones with cool patterns or colors that let kids show off what they like.

Sustainability and eco-consciousness

Just like strong zippers and comfy straps matter, so does caring for our planet. Backpacks are more than just school supplies; they’re a choice about the kind of world we want to live in.

Some brands are stepping up to protect the earth. They make bags without harmful stuff like PVC, BPA, or lead. This is good for kids and nature too.

Take the Earth Backpack as an example. It’s carbon-neutral! That means it doesn’t add bad gases into the air that can hurt our earth’s weather and health. Smart choices in kids backpacks show love for our world today and tomorrow.

We need to think about where things come from and what happens when we throw them away.

Top Picks for School Backpack Brands


When it comes to selecting the best rucksacks for school-goers, L.L. Bean’s Original Book Pack takes the crown for its robust construction and timeless style, while Bansusu’s Geometric Print Backpack wins on affordability without compromising quality.

The Columbia Zigzag stands out as an exceptional choice tailored for elementary students with its playful design and functionality, whereas The North Face Borealis offers a sleek solution fit for both middle and high school needs, doubling up as the most resilient option available.

For those seeking convenience in meal management alongside carrying essentials, Bentgo’s 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag is unmatched.

Best Overall: L.L. Bean Original Book Pack

The L.L. Bean Original Book Pack stands out as the best overall kids backpack for school this year. Teachers, parents, and kids all give it top marks for its strong build and smart design.

This pack lasts a long time because it’s made with tough materials that can handle lots of books and gear without breaking apart. The straps on the shoulders are padded to make carrying heavy stuff more comfortable.

Kids love that they can pick from many colors and patterns to show their style. This backpack also has special spots like organizational pockets to keep things tidy, a place for water bottles so kids stay hydrated, and even a padded laptop sleeve to protect electronics.

For only $40, you’re getting an excellent bag that meets both boys’ and girls’ needs at school every day.

Best Value: Bansusu Geometric Print Backpack

Kids who need a lot of room for their school stuff will love the Bansusu Geometric Print Backpack. It has lots of space in the main pocket and even a padded area for a laptop. Boys and girls both can use it because it looks cool and works well for primary school.

This backpack is strong but won’t make your shoulders hurt, thanks to soft shoulder straps that curve like an “S” and a back part that lets air move through to keep you cool. It’s made with light nylon fabric so carrying books around doesn’t feel too heavy.

And if you want everything to match, you can get this backpack with a lunchbox that looks just like it.

Now let’s talk about little kids going to elementary school and what kind of backpacks work best for them!

Best for Elementary School: Columbia Zigzag Backpack

While the Bansusu Geometric Print Backpack offers great value, the Columbia Zigzag Backpack shines for younger students. Perfect for kids under 4 feet tall, this backpack fits all that elementary school children need without being too big or heavy.

It’s built strong so it can handle everyday use at school and play.

The Columbia Zigzag has a special spot for a laptop, padded to protect it just right. This is great for older kids in elementary who might start bringing electronics to class. With its 30L size and smart black design, there’s plenty of room for books, snacks, and a water bottle.

Plus, it feels comfortable on little shoulders with straps made just the right way. Kids love how they can take this backpack anywhere—from the classroom to their weekend adventures.

Best for Middle and High School: The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack stands out for middle and high school kids. It can hold three textbooks, making it perfect for a busy school day. The backpack has easy-to-grab zipper pulls, so getting to your stuff is quick and simple.

Kids love the iconic bungee cord system that adds a cool look and extra storage.

This backpack comes with comfort in mind as well. A top handle, removable waist belt, and sternum strap with a whistle buckle make carrying this pack comfortable all day long. Plus, it’s ideal not just for school; you can take it on day hikes too! And if you’re planning ahead for college days, know that the Borealis is often recommended as the best overall college backpack thanks to its upgraded suspension system and super accessible pockets.

Best Backpack and Lunch Bag Combo: Bentgo 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag

Moving from backpacks designed for older students to an option that covers both carrying needs and mealtime, the Bentgo 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag stands out. Kids can show off their style with a range of colors and designs while enjoying the practical benefits.

This combo not only gives your child room for books and supplies but also keeps lunch fresh in an insulated bag.

The Bentgo backpack has two main areas, including a section with padding for laptops. Your kid’s lunch stays cool alongside their schoolwork, thanks to the built-in space for a Bentgo Kids lunch box and ice packs.

It is strong and light, making it easy for kids to carry everything they need without feeling weighed down.

Parents love how handy this backpack is. With just one bag, children are all set for school and snack time. Choosing this durable combo means no more lost lunch bags or forgotten meals – everything fits neatly inside!

Most Durable: The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack stands out for its tough build. It’s not just strong, but also holds a lot and has many places to put things. Kids and grown-ups both like wearing it because it feels good even when they carry it for a long time.

This backpack can handle heavy books and gear without breaking.

It comes with cool features like a chest strap to keep the load stable and daisy chains to clip on extra stuff. You’ll find this backpack lasts through lots of school years, from little kids’ classrooms all the way up to big kids in high school.

The Borealis is easy to find on sale too, so getting one doesn’t have to cost too much.

Next up are some other great choices if you’re still looking around for that perfect kids’ backpack brand..

Other Good Options for Kids Backpack Brands

Explore a curated selection of backpack brands tailored to fit the unique needs and styles of preschoolers and middle-school students, encouraging you to delve deeper into our comprehensive guide for additional standout options.

Preschool- and elementary-age students

Little kids need backpacks that fit just right. They should be light and comfy so they don’t hurt small shoulders or backs. A good backpack will have enough space for all their stuff, like books, crayons, and a favorite toy.

For preschool students, bright colors and fun designs make carrying the backpack exciting! Look for ones with easy zippers and pockets where a little snack can go.

Elementary students often want to show off what they like. Brands that offer cool patterns or pictures of their favorite things are great. These backpacks should still be strong but also help kids stay organized with different sections for homework, pencils, and a water bottle on the side.

Don’t forget about comfort; padded straps are important so they can carry it around all day at school without getting tired or sore.

Middle-school students

Middle-school kids need bags that can handle more books and gear. The Pottery Barn Teen Gear-Up Backpack is a great choice for them. It’s big enough to carry all they need but still looks cool.

Kids at this age want something that feels grown-up, like the State Bags Kane Kids backpack.

L.L.Bean backpacks are also perfect for middle schoolers. They are strong and last a long time. Their designs help keep things in order, which makes finding homework or a laptop easy.

Plus, if you have an active kid who loves the outdoors, these bags resist wear and tear from daily use and weekend adventures alike. Middle-school students will find lots of pockets for all their stuff in L.L.Bean packs too.

How We Test Kids Backpacks

Our rigorous testing process scrutinizes each backpack for capacity and quality, ensuring that durability and performance meet the highest standards. We delve into real-world usage by examining user satisfaction to bring you recommendations you can trust.

Continue reading to uncover the standout features that set our top-rated children’s rucksack brands apart.

Capacity and quality

Kids’ backpacks need to fit all their stuff easily. They should hold school books, a lunch box, and sometimes even a laptop safely. The best packs have lots of pockets and sections.

This helps keep things neat and easy to find. A backpack’s quality is key too. It must be strong enough to last the whole school year without breaking.

We check each bag carefully before saying it’s good. We look at the zippers, straps, and fabric to make sure they are tough. A great backpack also keeps kids comfy while they carry it around all day long.

Strong padding on the back and shoulders can help with this a lot.

Durability and performance

After checking how much a backpack can hold and the quality of materials, we make sure it can stand up to daily use. The best backpacks keep going strong even with lots of books and gear inside.

They don’t rip or fall apart when they get heavy. L.L.Bean’s backpacks are known for lasting a long time and working well. Tests show they handle wear and tear without problems.

Backpacks need to be tough because carrying heavy stuff every day is hard on them – and on kids’ backs too! Scientists have found that heavy loads might hurt bones or joints over time.

So, performance matters just as much as strength. We test all our bags to see if they stay comfortable when filled with school supplies or laptop backpacks for older students. For safety, we also check whether these bags have PFAS chemicals that could be harmful.

User satisfaction

Kids love their backpacks and how they hold up tells us a lot. Parents report that top brands like Pottery Barn, Jansport, and L.L. Bean make strong packs kids are happy to carry. These brands often get good marks for keeping both kids and parents satisfied.

Children use their backpacks every day for school, trips or sports, so it’s important they like them. On Amazon, the Kids’ Backpack category shows lots of happy customers. Strong zippers, tough fabric and cool designs are things that make kids pleased with their bags.

Good bags help kids stay organized too. They have special spots for books, water bottles and even small toys. When a bag has these features, it makes life easier for kids which means they enjoy using their backpack more each day!

Tips for Choosing the Best Kids Backpack Brand for Your Child

Selecting the ultimate rucksack for your child hinges on their unique needs and stages of growth, urging you to prioritize durable fabrics, ample compartments, and ergonomic features that cater to their comfort.

Opt for backpacks with adjustable straps and sturdy zippers, ensuring they stand up to daily wear while accommodating your child’s educational essentials. Remember that a child’s delight in picking out a design reflecting their personality can significantly boost their enthusiasm for learning.

Keep an eye out for eco-friendly options—a choice that benefits both your child’s education journey and our planet.

Consider age and size of your child

Make sure the backpack you pick is just right for your kid’s age and size. A huge bag on a little one can hurt their back, and a tiny pack won’t hold everything an older student needs.

Brands like Pottery Barn, Jansport, and L.L. Bean have strong bags that fit kids from the time they are very young up to high school years.

Always check a size chart before you buy to see if the backpack matches your child’s height and weight. Some brands make different sizes for each style of bag so that it fits perfectly at every age stage.

This makes sure your kid carries their Mackenzie backpack or any other brand comfortably throughout their school journey.

Look for durable materials and construction

Kids backpacks need to be tough. They should survive drops, scrapes, and spills. Look for strong fabrics like nylon or polyester. These materials resist tearing and can handle heavy books and supplies.

Stitches should be tight and even with no loose threads.

Zippers are also important. Metal zippers last longer than plastic ones. If your kid will carry a laptop or tablet, padded compartments help protect them from bumps. Reinforced bottoms prevent holes when the bag is dragged on the ground.

Strong backpacks do not have to look boring either! Brands like Fjallraven make durable bags that come in fun colors too.

After checking the material quality, think about how easy the backpack is to use every day.

Consider organization and features like water bottle holders

Strong materials make a backpack last, but good organization makes it useful day to day. A well-organized pack has places for all your child’s things. Think about pockets and dividers.

These help keep books, snacks, and pencils in order. It’s easier to find stuff when everything has its own spot.

Backpacks with water bottle holders are super helpful too. Kids stay hydrated without having to carry their drinks all the time or digging through their bags during class breaks. Also, many kids’ backpacks come with wide zippers on top so they can quickly grab their folders and books.

Let your child pick out a backpack that fits these needs and they’ll love using it every day!

Let your child’s preferences and needs guide your choice

While thinking about backpack features, remember that your child’s happiness is key. Kids know what they like, and their comfort matters a lot too. A cool design or favorite color can make them want to carry the bag every day.

Think about what your kid needs for their daily activities. If they bring lunch from home, maybe a backpack with an attached lunch bag is perfect! Listen to them if they say certain straps feel better on their shoulders, or if they need extra pockets for all their treasures.

Choosing a backpack isn’t just about picking something tough – it’s making sure your child feels good wearing it. So go ahead and let them pick out a pattern or style that lights up their face with excitement! They’ll be the ones using it every day, after all.

Check for sustainability and eco-friendly options

After you find a backpack that your child likes, make sure to look at how it’s made. Backpacks that are good for the Earth use materials like organic cotton or recycled plastic. This helps cut down on waste and stops new plastic from being made.

Bags without PFAS chemicals are safer for kids, so try to pick those kinds of bags. Going green with your kid’s backpack shows them how important it is to care about our planet.

Search for brands that care about the environment when you choose a rucksack for your child. Some companies use fabrics like natural fibers or things they can use again instead of making more trash.

These kinds of choices can help keep the Earth clean and healthy for everyone’s future.


Picking the right backpack for your child is important. The brands we looked at make bags that last and have many good points, like being strong and having places to put things. Your kid will love them because they look cool and help carry stuff easily around school or on trips.

Remember to think about the size of your child when you choose a bag. Look for one with tough materials that can handle rough use. Go find that perfect backpack today!