Rucksack Sizing and Fit

Rucksack Fitting for Tall Individuals

Tall adventurers often face a mountain of issues when searching for the perfect rucksack. The struggle is real: most backpacks hang off their frames like a child’s school bag, ignoring the unique needs of those with towering statures.

As an experienced outdoorsman with years spent traversing rugged terrains, I’ve felt firsthand the pinch of ill-fitting gear and understand that proper pack fit is not just about comfort—it’s about safety on the trail.

Selecting a rucksack that doesn’t dig into your shoulders or hover above your hips can be as challenging as scaling a steep summit. With 6’8″ giants in mind, this article serves as your trusty map to navigate the vast wilderness of backpack options.

Carry on reading to uncover how you can shoulder a pack that fits like it was tailored just for you—because every hiker deserves equipment that measures up.

Key Takeaways

  • Tall individuals face challenges in finding rucksacks that fit well due to limited options and the need for proper torso length measurements.
  • Recommended rucksacks for tall individuals include GoRuck GR2, MOLLE II Rucksack, Osprey Aether AG, Granite Gear Blaze AC 60, and Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60, offering customizable features and ample space tailored to taller frames.
  • Adjusting straps and using torso extenders are essential modifications for tall individuals to ensure proper weight distribution and a comfortable fit when selecting a rucksack.

Common Challenges for Tall Individuals when Choosing a Rucksack

A person wearing a rucksack in a mountain landscape.

Tall individuals often struggle to find rucksacks that properly fit their longer torso, as most standard sizes are designed for average height individuals. This can lead to discomfort and strain while carrying a backpack, making it essential to seek out specialized options or modifications.

Finding the right fit

Getting a rucksack that fits well is key for tall people. Your torso length, not your height, should guide you in picking the right backpack. This means measuring from your neck to your hip bone.

A good fit helps prevent discomfort and pain when you carry the bag.

Many rucksacks have straps and systems you can adjust to make them longer or shorter. Look for these adjustable backpacks so they match your body just right. Hip belts are also important because they help share the load between your shoulders and hips.

Check that these can move to sit on your hips where they should.

Choosing a pack with tall sizes gives you more choices that are likely to fit better from the start. Some brands offer packs made especially for longer torsos which can be a big help.

Go through forums and read what other tall folks suggest too; they often know which bags work best for high skies!

Limited options for tall sizes

Even after tall folks find the right fit, they often hit another roadblock: there just aren’t many backpacks made for them. It’s tough to discover rucksacks that have long enough back panels and straps.

This means taller hikers might only have a few models to choose from.

Some brands do make bigger sizes, but they can be hard to find. People who are tall might end up looking at lots of backpacks before finding one that fits their body well. Searches for 24-inch or 30-inch tall backpacks show how much demand there is for these products.

This can be frustrating because a good fit helps with comfort on long hikes or when carrying heavy loads. Without lots of options, some may even give up on finding the perfect rucksack altogether.

But it’s important not to lose hope – the right bag could still be out there!

Recommended Rucksacks for Tall Individuals

A line-up of recommended rucksacks on a mountain summit.

The following rucksacks are recommended for tall individuals: GoRuck GR2, MOLLE II Rucksack, Osprey Aether AG, Granite Gear Blaze AC 60, and Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60. Each of these options provides ample space and adjustable features to accommodate taller frames.

GoRuck GR2

The GoRuck GR2 is a strong choice for tall individuals who need a reliable rucksack. It comes in two sizes: 34L and 40L. Taller people will find the 40L size fits them better because it’s made to suit those with longer torsos, up to 22 inches.

This backpack takes its design from Special Forces medical packs, which means it lays flat when open and has many pockets for easy organization.

GoRuck uses tough materials like YKK zippers with paracord that can handle heat and weatherproof CORDURA® fabric to make sure your gear stays dry and safe. The GR2’s durability makes it ideal for everything from day-to-day use to ultralight backpacking where you might carry sleeping pads or other big items.

Tall folks won’t have trouble fitting all their stuff into this rucksack or carrying it comfortably during long trips.

MOLLE II Rucksack

The MOLLE II Rucksack is a versatile and durable option for tall individuals. Its adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt make it customizable to fit various torso lengths, ensuring comfort for taller wearers.

The large main compartment and multiple exterior pockets provide ample storage space, catering to the needs of tall individuals who may require more room for their belongings during outdoor activities.

This rucksack’s reinforced construction and modular webbing allow for secure attachment of additional pouches or gear, making it adaptable to different environments and requirements.

Osprey Aether AG

When it comes to rucksacks for tall individuals, the Osprey Aether AG is a top choice. It features an adjustable harness and hipbelt, making it easier to achieve a customized fit for taller torsos.

With a range of sizes available, including larger options, tall individuals can find the right match for their body proportions. The Anti-Gravity suspension system provides exceptional support and comfort, perfect for long hikes or backpacking trips.

Its spacious design also allows ample room for gear without compromising on comfort.

Navigating the world of rucksack fitting as a tall individual can be challenging; however, the Osprey Aether AG boasts features that cater specifically to taller frames. By prioritizing an adjustable fit and offering various sizing options, this rucksack ensures that taller individuals can enjoy both comfort and functionality during their outdoor adventures.

Granite Gear Blaze AC 60

Moving on to the Granite Gear Blaze AC 60, this rucksack is ideal for tall individuals seeking a customized and comfortable fit. With an adjustable torso length feature, it offers versatility to accommodate varying body proportions.

The pack boasts multiple hip options, catering specifically to the needs of tall individuals and ensuring a personalized fit that provides exceptional support and comfort on long expeditions.

Moreover, designed for multi-day trips, it maintains a lightweight construction while being capable of comfortably carrying up to 50 lbs.

Its patented Re-Fit hip belt and strong back support effectively transfer weight to the body, making it an optimal choice for tall adventurers requiring reliable gear for extended journeys.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60

Moving on from the Granite Gear Blaze AC 60, another recommended rucksack for tall individuals is the Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60. Constructed with custom 100 and 200 denier Robic nylon fabric, this backpack ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight.

The Mariposa 60 boasts a high volume capacity while remaining lightweight, making it an ideal choice for carrying heavier loads. It features well-padded shoulder straps and a hip belt designed to fit a wide range of body types, providing comfort and support during extended use.

With two right-hand pockets – one on top and one at the bottom – both measuring eight inches tall and featuring an elastic band closure, items can be securely stored within easy reach.

Notably, its design includes tight-fit attachment pockets that ensure excellent load transfer by holding the frame to two inches of hip belt whilst maintaining super strong stability.

Modifying Rucksacks for Tall Individuals

Adjust the straps and suspension system to ensure proper weight distribution and comfort, while also considering the use of torso extenders for a more customized fit.

Adjusting straps and suspension system

When adjusting the straps and suspension system of a rucksack for tall individuals, it’s crucial to ensure that the shoulder straps are set at an appropriate length. The load lifters should be correctly positioned to take the weight off your shoulders and transfer it to the hip belt.

Make sure the hip belt sits comfortably on your hips, with about 80% of the backpack’s weight supported by it.

Considering torso extenders as an option can also help in achieving a proper fit for tall individuals. These extenders can adjust the distance between the shoulder harness attachment point and the hip belt, accommodating longer torsos effectively.

Additionally, look for rucksacks with adjustable suspension systems that allow you to customize the fit according to your specific torso measurements.

Ensuring optimal comfort and support through properly adjusted straps and suspension systems is key for tall individuals when selecting a rucksack designed to address their unique requirements.

Using torso extenders

To accommodate taller individuals, using torso extenders can provide the necessary extra length for a comfortable and secure fit. Torso extenders attach to the shoulder straps and allow for additional length, ensuring that the backpack sits correctly on the back, distributing weight evenly.

This modification is particularly beneficial for tall individuals with longer torsos as it helps prevent strain and discomfort during extended hikes or treks.

It is essential to note that utilizing torso extenders should be complemented by measuring torso length accurately and adjusting other straps accordingly for an optimal and personalized fit.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rucksack for Tall Individuals

– Measure torso length accurately to ensure a proper fit.

Measure torso length accurately

To measure torso length accurately, use a flexible tape measurer from the top of your pelvis to the bump on the back of your neck. This provides a precise measurement for selecting a rucksack that fits well.

While height can offer some guidance for backpack sizing, taking torso and waist measurements gives better accuracy for tall individuals in choosing the right rucksack. Knowing how to measure torso length by yourself can help tall individuals choose the perfect rucksack for their specific body proportions.

Using these guidelines while considering different options will ensure you find a rucksack that suits your body size and shape perfectly.Helpful techniques such as using adjustable suspension systems or looking for tall sizing options can also aid tall individuals in finding an optimal fit when selecting a rucksack.

Consider adjustable suspension systems

When choosing a rucksack for tall individuals, it’s important to consider adjustable suspension systems. These systems allow you to customize the fit of the pack to your body, ensuring maximum comfort and support during long hikes or adventures.

By being able to adjust the suspension system, you can distribute the weight more evenly across your body, preventing strain on your shoulders and back.

Adjustable suspension systems also enable you to fine-tune the pack’s balance and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads. This feature is particularly beneficial for tall individuals who may have longer torsos and require a customized fit that traditional fixed suspension systems might not provide.

Look for tall sizing options

When considering adjustable suspension systems, it’s essential for tall individuals to look for rucksacks that offer tall sizing options. These options are specifically designed to accommodate longer torsos, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit.

Tall sizing options typically include extended torso lengths and adjustable shoulder harnesses to cater to the unique proportions of taller individuals.

It is important for tall individuals to prioritize rucksacks with tall sizing options, as these features can greatly enhance overall comfort and weight distribution during extended periods of wear.


In conclusion, choosing the right rucksack for tall individuals can be a challenge due to limited options and the need for proper fit. The recommended rucksacks such as GoRuck GR2 and Osprey Aether AG offer practical solutions for tall individuals.

By making adjustments or seeking out specifically designed packs, tall individuals can enjoy comfortable and efficient backpacking experiences. It’s important to measure torso length accurately and consider adjustable suspension systems when selecting a rucksack.

Remember, finding the perfect rucksack is crucial for an enjoyable outdoor adventure – take the time to find one that suits your body type perfectly!


1. Why is it important for tall individuals to get a good rucksack fitting?

Tall people need a good rucksack fitting so the bag feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt their back when they carry it.

2. What should tall individuals look for in a rucksack fit?

They should look for a rucksack that has adjustable straps and fits their long torso well, so it stays comfy during use.

3. Can tall people find rucksacks made just for them?

Yes, there are special rucksacks designed for tall folks that have longer back panels and straps to fit better.

4. How can I make sure my rucksack fits right if I’m very tall?

You can check that the waist belt sits on your hips and the shoulder straps feel snug but not tight, or you might ask someone at the store who knows about bags to help you pick one that fits right.