Rucksack Brands and Reviews

Women’s Rucksack Brands Overview

Embarking on an outdoor adventure demands not only courage but also the right gear to ensure that every experience becomes a cherished memory. For women, finding the perfect rucksack can be a quest filled with trade-offs between comfort and functionality.

As an experienced hiker who has traversed through diverse terrains and tested numerous bags, I’ve understood that the perfect companion for your journey is about more than just storage—it’s about reliability and fit specifically designed for the female form.

Recognizing this need, various brands have stepped up to design backpacks that cater uniquely to women’s proportions, providing features like adjustable straps, hip belt pockets, and ventilation systems tailored for comfort on long treks.

With over 6 years of expert reviews on women’s backpacking backpacks under my belt, including popular options like the Osprey Fairview 40L and Kelty Redwing 40L, this article pledges to offer valuable insights into choosing your next travel companion.

Dive in as we explore these trail-blazing brands together!

Key Takeaways

  • Many top rucksack brands design backpacks just for women, like Osprey and Gregory. These packs have special features like lighter weight and comfort shapes that match a woman’s body better.
  • Look for a backpack that you can change to fit your body well, is easy to carry because it’s not too heavy, has lots of pockets for organizing stuff, and makes sure your back doesn’t get too hot.
  • Some bags are made tough for long trips with heavier loads, while others are super light for quick hikes. Each brand has something different to offer depending on what you need.

Best Women’s Rucksack Brands

Delving into the world of women’s rucksacks reveals top-tier brands such as Osprey, REI Co-op, Gregory, Deuter, and ULA, each offering a blend of durability and design finesse to cater to the dynamic needs of female adventurers.


Osprey stands out as a trusted rucksack brand for women. For over 40 years, they have crafted backpacks that meet the highest quality standards. Their bags are known for being perfect all-rounders and especially light in weight.

The Osprey Mira 32 is a shining example of their dedication to detail and design, made with the technical day hiker in mind.

The company has earned its place in many backpack reviews thanks to features like sleep systems for sleeping bags, integrated rain covers to keep gear dry, and advanced suspension systems that offer incredible comfort.

Women’s travel backpacks from Osprey often include hydration sleeves, making it easy to drink water on the go without stopping your adventure. With models like the Skimmer 28 and Farpoint 55, Osprey shows off its expertise in creating packs tailored specifically to women’s bodies for superior fit and ergonomics.

All these elements make Osprey bags a top choice not just for hiking but also as reliable travel companions that tick all boxes – from carry-on compliant sizes to smart organizational features helping you pack everything neatly into one space.

Whether venturing on ultralight hikes or heading out on long journeys across continents, Osprey provides durable solutions that combine function with comfort tailored beautifully for women adventurers.

REI Co-op

Moving on from Osprey, let’s explore REI Co-op, a brand with a strong reputation for quality and sustainability. They make rucksacks that suit all kinds of outdoor activities. The Ruckpack 18 pack is just the right size for day trips, offering great storage options to keep your essentials organized.

It also strikes a balance between being lightweight and durable enough for adventurous outings.

REI Co-op isn’t just about making backpacks; they care deeply about the outdoors. This dedication shows in their work to help people enjoy nature responsibly through sustainable materials and ethical production practices.

For example, they expect every brand they sell to manage products well for the least harm to our planet. Plus, shoppers can feel good knowing their purchase supports a cooperative that values outdoor recreation and protects wild places.

Their selection caters well to women who are into hiking or camping with packs like the Lookout 40 daypack. This bag has many pockets which means you can easily find a place for everything from water bottles to wallets—keeping things tidy even when you’re hitting trails hard or setting up camp after sundown.


Gregory has been making backpacks for over 40 years, and they’re a top pick for women who love to explore the outdoors. They create many kinds of packs, including ones just right for women going on hikes or long trips.

Their Jade 38 pack is a great choice if you need something not too big but still tough enough to carry what you need. People trust Gregory because their bags last a long time and don’t break easily.

The designers at Gregory focus on making sure each backpack works well and feels good when you wear it. Matt Connors, who helps lead their team, talks about how they think carefully about every part of the bag.

For day hikers, the Maya 10 is perfect – it’s small but has places to put your water bottle and other stuff close by while you walk. Plus, these packs come with lots of smart features that customers really like.

Next up, let’s look into the important things we should consider when choosing a rucksack!


Moving from Gregory’s innovative designs, Deuter stands out with a legacy of over a century in crafting exceptional backpacks. This brand excels with its SL line, made for the unique needs of women mountaineers.

They involve female athletes and designers to create packs that fit women well. These packs not only prioritize comfort but also balance it with an efficient use of space and adjustability.

Deuter rucksacks are known for their quality and have been part of outdoor adventures for 125 years. With choices ranging from sleek daypacks to expandable backpack options, there’s a fit for everyone — whether you’re hitting the John Muir trails or commuting daily.

The variety includes features like water-resistant materials, organizational systems including laptop sleeves and compartments, along with webbing for extra gear attachment, catering to both trail runners and urban explorers alike.


Deuter has set a high bar, and ULA meets the challenge with its own unique offerings. ULA backpacks are designed to fit both men and women, ensuring that everyone can find a comfortable pack for their adventures.

For those who seek tough gear for long journeys, these bags stand out. They combine comfort, durability, and lightweight construction.

The trail-tested ULA Catalyst is a standout model with its generous 75-liter capacity; it’s clear why this backpack is favored by hikers tackling the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trails.

Women on thru-hiking expeditions often pick the ULA Circuit as their trusty companion because it balances space with an ultralight design. These packs feature padded shoulder harnesses and waist belts made to help you carry your load comfortably over many miles.

Quality rules at ULA Equipment where every stitch counts towards building reliable backpacks that won’t let you down in the great outdoors. Whether you’re setting off on a weekend hike or preparing for months on the trail, these bags come highly recommended for women looking to back their wanderlust with solid gear.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting the ideal women’s rucksack, prioritize comfort; look for padded straps and a design that conforms to your body. Ensure adjustability to accommodate different torso lengths and load configurations.

The weight of the backpack affects endurance; lighter is often better without sacrificing durability. Seek smart organizational systems with intuitive pockets and compartments for easy access.

Lastly, ventilation is crucial—choose a design that promotes airflow to keep you cool on long hikes or commutes.


Comfort in a backpack can make or break your experience, whether you’re traveling through cities or hiking up mountains. Look for padded straps that won’t dig into your shoulders and materials that feel good against your skin.

The width of the straps is also important, as wider ones help distribute weight more evenly.

Many women find that backpacks like the Osprey Farpoint offer top-notch comfort with their design and quality build. This model is known for its snug fit and cushioning which supports you on long journeys.

Always choose a pack based on how well it fits, because even with great features, if it’s uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy wearing it no matter where you go.


Moving from how a rucksack feels to how it fits, adjustability is key. A good fit makes sure the bag sits right on your back and doesn’t hurt you when you wear it. Backpacks with an adjustable suspension can change to match different body sizes, which is great if more than one person will use the pack or if you’re shopping for something that will still fit as your body changes.

Make sure to measure your torso and check the hip belt fit before buying a backpack because these are important for comfort too. If a bag has options like XS/S or M/L sizes, look for ones that let you tweak things even further.

This means straps you can pull tight or loose to make everything sit just right, along with belts and other parts that move so they hug your body without squeezing too hard. Your perfect pack won’t just hold all your gear; it’ll feel like it was made just for you!


After making sure your rucksack adjusts well to your body, you need to think about how much it weighs. A heavy backpack can make a trip hard and hurt your body. You want something that feels light but can still carry all you need.

Look for packs made with materials like recycled nylon or vegan leather; these are strong yet keep the weight down.

Lightweight backpacking is a smart choice for long trips or if you’ll be moving a lot. The Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra 60L is super light, weighing over half a pound less than other packs, which makes it great for ultralight hiking.

And remember, the ideal pack weight is between 9 and 17.5 pounds when loaded up, so always check before heading out.

If you plan on carrying heavier stuff, there are rucksacks designed for that too. For example, the BRIDGER 65 pack stands out because it’s built tough without being too bulky or heavy on your back.

It’s perfect for overnight adventures where you might need to bring more gear with you.

Organizational Systems

Women need backpacks with good organizational systems. This means lots of pockets and places to put things like water bottles, laptops, and clothes. Some backpacks even have special spots for small items so they don’t get lost.

A great example is The North Face Terra 55. People like it because it has many zips and pockets that help you organize your stuff well. It’s also made to be easy to change how it fits you and doesn’t weigh too much.

Now let’s talk about the key features to look out for in a rucksack!


A good rucksack keeps your back cool and dry as you move. Brands like Osprey design backpacks with suspended-mesh to let air flow, so sweat can evaporate quickly. This is very helpful for women hikers who need their clothes to dry fast while on the trail.

Some travel backpacks also have special panels that boost airflow, stopping your back from getting too hot when you are exploring new places.

These features matter whether you’re carrying a light commuter backpack or a heavy-duty bag for long hikes. Look for ones with water bottle pockets to stay hydrated and make sure they have enough room for essentials like a laptop compartment if needed.

Next up we’ll talk about what makes each pick unique in “Top Picks for Different Needs”.

Top Picks for Different Needs

4. Top Picks for Different Needs: Our rigorous selection process uncovers the crown jewels of rucksacks suitable for a gallery of requirements: find the peerless all-rounder, embrace versatility with style, conquer mountainous loads with ease, bask in uncompromised comfort, or ascend to ultralight nirvana.

Best Overall

The Osprey Fairview 55 stands out as the best overall travel backpack for women. It blends style, comfort, and function into one dependable rucksack. This bag has padded shoulder straps and a hip belt designed just for women’s bodies, so it feels great even when it’s full.

You can carry it like a backpack or use the handles to lift it like a suitcase, making it perfect for all sorts of trips. Plus, its water-resistant material keeps your stuff dry in light rain.

The Fairview 55 also fits as carry-on luggage on most planes, so you won’t have to worry about checking in bags or waiting at baggage claim.

With this top pick from Osprey, pack everything you need without feeling weighed down. Its detachable daypack is handy for short outings once you reach your destination. Keep organized with pockets and compartments made to hold things like your Nalgene bottle and travel gear safe.

Travel smart with this do-it-all rucksack that takes you from city streets to mountain trails with ease.

Most Versatile

Osprey’s Fairview 55 stands out as a top choice among travel backpacks for women who need versatility. It adjusts to fit different body sizes and shapes, making it great for anyone.

This bag is ready whether you’re exploring Europe or going on day hikes. Its many pockets help you stay organized and its straps keep the weight balanced.

This rucksack can handle everyday use with tough materials that last long. Anti-theft features give peace of mind when traveling in busy places. Plus, it looks good too! With the Fairview 55, you get a comfortable carry no matter where your adventures take you.

Now let’s talk about how to pick one that won’t weigh you down but can still hold all your gear for longer treks – let’s find the best option for carrying heavy loads.

Best for Heavy Loads

From versatility, we shift to backpacks that excel with heavier weights. The best rucksacks for hauling big loads are ones that mix strength and smart design. Brands like Gregory and Osprey lead the pack here.

They make bags that handle weight well and fit women’s bodies right. Their straps adjust to spread out the load, making it easier on your back.

These heavy-duty packs use tough materials so they last long even when you fill them up a lot. Whether for hiking or work, you can trust these bags to carry all you need without tearing apart.

They come in various sizes too, so everyone from petite to plus size can find a snug fit for those longer trips with more gear.

Most Comfortable

Moving past backpacks designed for heavy loads, we turn our attention to those rucksacks that make carrying gear feel almost effortless. The Osprey Fairview 55 stands out as the most comfortable women’s travel backpack, praised widely for its snug fit and function.

Its design hugs your body in a way that balances weight evenly, making it easier to carry without strain. Cushioned straps and hip belts reduce pressure on your shoulders and hips.

This pack keeps you feeling good from start to finish, whether you’re trekking through airports or exploring city streets.

The focus on comfort extends beyond just padding—it includes a breathable mesh back panel that prevents overheating by allowing air to flow freely across your back. Adventure seekers love this bag because it supports their journeys without adding any discomfort.

Stride confidently into your next adventure with a pack that promises ease and coziness every step of the way.

Ultralight Option

For those who love long hikes but dislike carrying heavy bags, going ultralight is the perfect solution. Ultralight backpacking focuses on cutting down the weight of your pack without sacrificing key features like durability and comfort.

One standout choice for this style is the Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit. This award-winning rucksack has won praise for being an excellent pick for thru-hikers who need something light yet reliable.

The Circuit uses tough materials that can handle rough trails, but it doesn’t add extra weight to your journey. It’s designed to be simple yet effective, with just enough pockets and straps to organize gear without overcomplicating things.

Plus, its design ensures you stay comfortable even when you’re miles deep into a wilderness adventure. If shedding pounds from your pack is a goal, this rucksack may just be what you need to move faster and further with ease.


We’ve talked about great rucksack brands for women like Osprey and REI Co-op. Remember, a good backpack should be cozy to wear and easy to change its fit. It’s smart to look for light bags with places for all your stuff and air flow to keep you cool.

If you need the best overall or something just super light, there is a perfect bag out there. Cool sites can help you find what fits your style and needs. Take these tips, grab that perfect backpack, and start your next adventure!


1. What are some popular women’s rucksack brands?

Some well-known rucksack brands for women include REI, Fjällräven, and the stylish Le Pliage line of backpacks.

2. What should I look for in a good women’s rucksack?

Look for a rucksack that is water resistant, made from strong materials like twill or recycled materials, and feels comfortable when carried – like the REI Flash 55.

3. Can I use these rucksacks outside of hiking or camping?

Yes! You can use your stylish satchel backpack or twill rucksack for daily activities. Many people also share their favorite bags on Pinterest to give you ideas.

4. Are there eco-friendly options for women’s rucksacks?

Certainly! Brands are now using recycled materials to make their products, which helps campers and travelers be kinder to the environment while carrying all they need in their pack.