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Celebrity-Endorsed Rucksack Brands

Backpacks are no longer just a convenient carryall for students and hikers—thanks to the magic touch of celebrity influence, they’ve ascended to the peaks of high fashion. As a seasoned expert in the world of fashion trends with years scrutinizing the rise and fall of designer accessories, I’ve witnessed firsthand how star power can transform an everyday item into a coveted status symbol.

Celebrities parading through city streets or airports sporting chic rucksacks aren’t just random snapshots; they’re carefully curated style statements that ripple across social media and influence consumer choices globally.

The allure of these celebrity-endorsed backpack brands is undeniable. A notable example involves Louis Vuitton’s ascent as a favored accessory among elite tastemakers, propelled by iconic figures such as Rihanna—evidence that when stars align with brands, they ignite desire and demand.

This article unpacks this phenomenon, offering insider insight into how you can channel your inner A-lister with every strap swing and zipper pull. Keep reading; it’s time to elevate your backpack game!

Key Takeaways

  • Stars like Rihanna and Taylor Swift make backpacks fashionable by wearing them. Their fans want to dress like them, so they buy similar bags.
  • Good backpack brands come at different prices. You can find one that fits your budget, whether you have a little or a lot of money.
  • Celebrities endorse many kinds of bags, from the fancy ones made by Rimowa to the easier-to-buy styles from Herschel. This makes these brands cooler and more popular.
  • A celebrity’s favorite can turn a simple backpack into a trendy accessory for everyone. Brands get more attention when famous people use their products.

How Celebrities Have Made Backpacks Stylish

Celebrities carry the power to transform everyday items into fashion statements, and that’s precisely what they’ve done with backpacks. Icons like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne have been spotted swapping out traditional purses for sleek black leather backpacks, effortlessly elevating a practical accessory into a must-have staple of street style.

Their choice in carrying these bags not only serves their utility but also sends ripples through the world of fashion, prompting admirers to follow suit and embrace the blend of function and form.

This trend showcases how stardom can infuse an object with new life, making it desirable not just for its purpose but for its newfound sartorial value.

Examples of celebrities wearing backpacks

Backpacks are not just for school kids anymore. Stars are making them a hot accessory in the fashion world.

  • Rihanna turns heads with her cool black leather backpack. She shows us that you can rock a backpack and look elegant at the same time.
  • Kylie Jenner makes waves with her stylish Herschel backpack. Her choice proves that trendy and practical go hand in hand.
  • Emma Stone prefers a Bric’s backpack when she’s out and about. She combines class with comfort, showing off her chic taste.
  • Zoe Kravitz picks a Paravel backpack for her travels. Her look is all about blending function with high fashion.
  • Taylor Swift steps out with an Away backpack on her shoulders. It’s clear she loves pairing it with her favorite outfits for that perfect pop star touch.
  • Lily Allen often chooses a Globe – Trotter when she needs to carry more on her adventures. She keeps things classy while taking care of business.

Top Celebrities Endorsing Backpack Brands

Rihanna rocks the rucksack scene with her Fenty line, while Kylie Jenner adds a touch of cool to Herschel’s backpack collection; these icons and more are revolutionizing how we carry our essentials.

Discover how your favorite stars are pairing functionality with fashion in the world of celebrity-endorsed backpack brands.

Rihanna for Fenty

Rihanna uses her last name, Fenty, for her own brand. She brings cool to backpacks and more with her fashion-forward designs. Her line includes Fenty Beauty and clothing collaborations with Puma that stand out.

Fans love how she mixes style with sporty vibes in her Fenty gear.

Her backpacks are no exception; they’re stylish and made for people on the move. Get ready to see how Kylie Jenner makes Herschel packs a must-have!

Kylie Jenner for Herschel

Moving from one style icon to another, Kylie Jenner brings her own influence to backpack trends. She shows how a quality rucksack from Herschel Supply Co. can be both practical and fashionable.

As she steps out with these stylish bags, fans take notice and want the same look. Kylie has been spotted many times carrying Herschel’s backpacks, making them even more popular.

With Kylie Jenner’s trendsetting ways, it’s no surprise that her choice of Herschel backpack gets lots of love. These bags are not just for books; they’re designer fashion pieces thanks to celebrity endorsements like hers.

People who want a touch of star style without breaking the bank find Herschel an excellent choice, due in part to Kylie’s stamp of approval on this brand’s cool carryalls.

Ellen Page for Tumi

Ellen Page teamed up with Tumi to show off their backpacks. She’s famous and lots of people like her, so when she wears a Tumi bag it makes the brand look cool. The bags are known for being strong and stylish, just like Ellen Page.

Her work with Tumi helps you trust that their backpacks are worth buying. If you want a good bag that also looks great, thinking about Tumi is a smart move. Their stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s made to last and stand out in a crowd.

Next up is Emma Stone, who brings her own charm to Bric’s bags..

Emma Stone for Bric’s

Just as Ellen Page showcases Tumi’s sleek designs, Emma Stone brings her unique charm to Bric’s backpacks. She turns heads with an oversized leather rucksack that isn’t just stylish; it’s also made for lasting through many adventures.

This high-quality bag stands out as a durable and cute choice for anyone who loves to travel.

Emma Stone captures the perfect mix of fashion and functionality with Bric’s. Her endorsement spotlights how you don’t have to give up looking good for practicality. If you want to carry your things in a designer handbag that can take on the world, keep an eye on what Emma Stone is doing with Bric’s backpacks.

She proves that a great backpack is like a trusty travel friend – always there and ready for action, no matter where you’re headed.

Zoe Kravitz for Paravel

Moving from Emma Stone’s elegant choices, Zoe Kravitz brings a different vibe to travel gear with Paravel. She loves bags that are big and practical – just right for everything you need.

Zoe shows that backpacks can be both cool and useful. With Paravel, she picks styles that fit her life, carrying jumbo totes instead of small purses. Her look tells others about the power of picking the perfect bag.

People see Zoe with Paravel and learn how to mix fashion with function.

Zoe inspires fans to think beyond just looks when choosing a bag. Just as she does not reach for tiny handbags, many now choose roomy travel items that hold all their stuff easily.

They follow in her footsteps by selecting brands like Paravel for smart design and space. Her match with this brand pushes the trend of stylish yet spacious rucksacks forward, so your next pick might be one too!

Taylor Swift for Away

Taylor Swift shines as the face of Away, a backpack brand known for its chic travel gear. She brings her own style and star power to the popular luggage company. With a big following and lots of tours, Taylor shows how practical and trendy Away bags can be.

Fans see her jet-setting lifestyle and want to grab these backpacks for their own adventures.

Away becomes even cooler with Taylor’s touch. She makes it clear that you can travel in style without giving up on comfort or space for your things. This mix of fashion and function fits perfectly with today’s travelers who look up to stars like Taylor Swift for inspiration on what to wear on their next trip.

Next, let’s peek at Lily Allen’s pick for travel: Globe-Trotter.

Lily Allen for Globe-Trotter

Shifting from music icons to fashion trendsetters, Lily Allen steps into the spotlight with her choice of backpack. She often carries a brown leather backpack by Globe-Trotter. This shows that backpacks are not just for carrying books; they can be high-fashion too.

Lily Allen partners with Globe-Trotter, a brand known for luxury luggage. Her love for their stylish and durable designs shines through. It’s easy to see why fans get excited about these backpacks—they blend function with elegance.

The singer’s support helps more people see how cool and chic a quality rucksack can be.

Her fashion sense makes waves in how we think about everyday bags. With Lily Allen backing Globe-Trotter, more folks might pick up their own trendy backpacks as must-have accessories.

Steal Their Style: The Celebrity Designer Backpack Edit

Capture Kate Bosworth’s sophisticated flair by embracing a structured backpack, a celebrity-favored accessory that marries form and function effortlessly. Dive into our curated selection of designer backpacks which have graced the shoulders of A-listers, offering you the same chic look with luggage brands ranging from the luxurious Rimowa to the functional elegance of Béis – your journey towards high fashion starts with picking the perfect carryall companion.

Kate Bosworth’s structured style

Kate Bosworth loves a good structured backpack. She makes walking down Los Angeles streets look like a fashion show. Her bags are fancy and from top designers like Alexander Wang and Chanel.

People see her with these cool, black backpacks and want one too.

Her style is polished but looks easy. She picks backpacks that last long and never go out of style. Fans love her picks because they’re both useful and stylish. You can carry your stuff in something that looks great just like Kate does!

Celebrity luggage brands, from Rimowa to Béis

Just like Kate Bosworth shows off her structured backpack style, many celebrities have their favorite luggage brands they love to carry. These brands range from luxury to more accessible options, but all share the stamp of approval from some of the most stylish people in the world.

  • Rimowa: With a history over 120 years, Rimowa stands out as a luxury brand beloved by stars. Known for its hard-shell suitcases, it’s a top choice for celebs jetting around the globe.
  • Tumi: This brand is all about quality and function. Stars often pick Tumi for its durable bags that also look sharp.
  • Away: Away has become popular for its modern design mixed with practical features. Taylor Swift and other young stars carry these trendy pieces when they travel.
  • Bric’s: Emma Stone and others favor Bric’s for its stylish Italian design. The brand merges fashion with useful travel gear.
  • Louis Vuitton and Gucci: For those who love high fashion, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are go-tos. These labels make statement pieces that scream luxury.
  • Ghurka: This brand stands for classic style and excellent craftsmanship. It appeals to celebs who prefer timeless looks.
  • Globe-Trotter: Offering old-world charm, Globe-Trotter’s suitcases are often seen in the hands of A-listers like Lily Allen who appreciate craftsmanship.
  • Béis: As a newer entry into the luggage market, Béis has quickly gained fame among travelers including celebrities for its chic yet functional designs.

The Best Backpack Brands for Every Budget

Delve into a world where style meets practicality with the best backpack brands for every budget, ranging from the luxury echelons of Rimowa and Globe-Trotter to the accessible designs of Herschel and Paravel, ensuring there’s a high-quality option for every wallet.

High-end brands like Rimowa and Globe-Trotter

High-end brands set the bar for quality and style. Rimowa and Globe-Trotter are top picks for those who want the best.

  • Rimowa is a luxury brand known for making travel and work backpacks. Their products are not just good-looking; they last a long time.
  • Celebrities love Rimowa. When they travel, they often choose this brand’s bags.
  • This brand’s suitcases have a cool design with grooves. People who buy them know they’re getting something special.
  • Globe – Trotter offers options that mix old style with new needs. Their bags make you think of adventures from long ago.
  • Crafted by hand in England, Globe – Trotter pieces tell a story of tradition. They show that some things are timeless.
  • Travelers who hike a lot or fly often use these brands because they hold up well on trips.
  • Both Rimowa and Globe – Trotter have items that might cost more but offer you style and function. You pay for what you get, which is the best.

Mid-range brands like Tumi and Bric’s

Mid-range backpack brands like Tumi and Bric’s offer style and quality without the high-end price tag. These brands are known for bringing together fashion and function in their designs.

  • Tumi stands out as a trusted name in travel bags. Many people choose Tumi for its durable materials and smart features, like lots of pockets.
  • This brand often uses high – tech parts to make sure backpacks last a long time. They build their products to handle rough trips.
  • Bric’s backpacks blend Italian style with practical needs. They look good and work well for everyday use or traveling.
  • The brand is famous for using fine materials that feel nice to touch but can still take a lot of use.
  • Customers pick Bric’s when they want a bag that matches business clothes or smart outfits but need it to be tough too.

Affordable options like Herschel and Paravel

Everyone loves a good backpack, especially when it’s both stylish and easy on the wallet. Herschel and Paravel offer just that blend of fashion and affordability.

  • Herschel stands out for its <strong>variety.
  • They make backpacks for all kinds of people.
  • Whether you’re a traveler or a student, they have something for you.
  • Their designs are cool and fit your stuff well.
  • The price won’t scare your credit card.
  • Paravel is easy to love for its price too.
  • This brand gives you bags that look great without spending too much.
  • Their backpacks are strong and can handle being used a lot.
  • They also care about the Earth by using recycled materials.


Backpacks are not just for carrying stuff; they’re fashion statements now, thanks to famous people. From Rihanna to Taylor Swift, stars show us how cool these bags can be. Brands like Herschel and Rimowa become special when a celebrity picks them up.

You don’t need lots of money to rock a stylish backpack – there’s one for every budget! Think about how you can make your own style with a celeb-inspired bag. Let these backpacks bring out the best in your everyday look!


1. What is a celebrity-endorsed rucksack brand?

A celebrity-endorsed rucksack brand is one that a famous person, like Karlie Kloss, says they like and use, which can make more people want to buy it.

2. Why do sneakerheads care about celebrity-endorsed rucksacks?

Sneakerheads love cool sneakers and fashion, so when a celeb shows off a stylish rucksack along with their sneakers, those fans might want the same bag too.

3. Can you wear sneakers with a fanny pack from these brands?

Yes! You can look great wearing your favorite sneakers and pairing them with a cool fanny pack that celebrities also love to wear.

4. Are only backpacks and rucksacks endorsed by celebrities?

Nope! Celebrities often endorse different bags such as fanny packs as well as backpacks or rucksacks, showing off their style in all sorts of ways.