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Ice Runner Winter Float Suit

Ice fishing is fun but it has many risks. Falling through the ice is everyone’s greatest fear. Protect yourself with the power of insulation and floatation with an Ice Runner Float Suit. It may just save your life!

Just the Facts:

Ice Runner Flotation Fishing Suits

Ice Runner is excited to provide ice fishermen with an AFFORDABLE and VERSATILE option in winter apparel. The Ice Runner Float Suits offer superior comfort and style combined with warmth and safety. Most importantly – the Ice Runner Float Suits are designed BY ice anglers FOR ice anglers with ALL the features you demanded!

For 2020, the Ice Runner Float Suits are NEW and IMPROVED. FOUR more sizes have been added – now available from Youth to 4XL. Check out the LONG list of features that will make your winter activities more enjoyable:

Shell: Waterproof and breathable 228T Tussor nylon fabric

Insulation: 100 grams of poly fiberfill thermal insulation

Flotation: Lightweight foam

Pockets: FIVE zippered Jacket zippered lower hand warmer, upper outer and inner accessory pockets. SIX Bib pockets, including two zippered gear pockets

Heavy, waterproof nylon layer with EXTRA padding added to the knees of bibs

A chest sternum strap has been added to the Bibs to keep the shoulder straps in place

D-rings for lanyards have been added to both the Jacket and Bibs

Other features: Full front Jacket zipper with neck guard, adjustable and removable drawstring hood, thigh height side zippers on Bib legs

You will NOT find a better value anywhere. Compare this package to any other brand and save 50% or more. Both the Ice Runner Float Jacket and Bibs are available individually or in a discounted package price for BOTH the Jacket AND Bibs.

WARNING: Always use caution when venturing on ice. This article of clothing is not a life saving device. The Ice Runner Float Suit offers buoyancy in case of broken ice. However, the Float Suit is not a “personal flotation device”. The Ice Runner Float Suit can make it easier for the wearer to get out of the water in an emergency. Ice anglers are cautioned to never fish alone. Mandatory safety equipment for your group should include a throwing rope plus emergency ice picks for each angler. The Float Suit is not designed to keep you warm once it gets wet.

My Story:

I got into ice fishing about 5 years ago. After a nasty situation in high school in which I fell through the ice and nearly lost my life I never thought I would ever go back on a frozen lake. Well, flash forward 25 years and I got back out there. This is largely in part to the new and mazing products that are in the industry today. Ice Runner happens to make what I believe to be an absolute necessity for every ice fisherman, the float suit!

I first learned of Ice Runner products while scouring the internet for fishing videos. I happened upon a YouTube video about the Ice Runner ice houses and after looking over the site I decided to reach out. I had a great conversation with Mark over at Ice Runner and we agreed that I should test out the winter float suit. It was just in time for the ice season, so I was very excited. Enter the great disappointment of 2024, if you’re an ice angler you know what I’m talking about.

As I sat waiting for the hard water to form, I tried on my suit in my basement while watching ice fishing videos. The fabric was comfortable, the fit was acceptable, possible runs a bit big, and the features were basic but acceptable. My favorite thing, though super small, was the chest strap that keeps the suspender straps from falling off your arms. This one little thing was something I was way more excited about than i should have been. The main value here is the 100 grams of poly fiber fill insulation and the lightweight foam that provides the floatation. In the comfort of my basement the suit passed the test but I needed to get out on the hard water.   

Ice was hard to find so ice fishing was very hard to do. I had to fly to Minnesota and when I touched down in Minneapolis I was dumbfounded as every lake I saw out the plane window was still open water. So, we drove to North Dakota to find safe ice.

Ice Runner is known for making affordable products for the everyday ice angler. It’s nothing flashy or fancy, it’s just quality gear that works as its intended. I love that in a product so when I hit the first lake in North Dakota I was very eager to see how this suit would perform. Mostly, I wanted to see if I was going to stay warm.

I used the whole suit when needed and just the bibs when the weather was favorable. I spanned this trip from Devils Lake to Lake Itasca and a bunch of small water in-between and found it to be warm, comfortable, and functional. Initial thoughts were that it was a great suit.

Once I returned to my home state of Washington, I was lucky enough to fall into a huge cold snap and I was able to get up north for some fishing. This time, I had one of my friends use the suit as it was his first trip on the ice in his life and I wanted him to feel safe. Also, I thought a second point of view would be good. After two days of fishing, he was very impressed and told me he plans to buy his own suit for next season.

My last testing area was during a tournament at Bonaparte Lake in north central Washington. This was the final trip for testing, and I was already convinced I liked the suit. It rained all freaking day! So, I was able to test the water resistance of the suit as well. It was nice to end that trip with a validation of what I already believed, which is that I like it. The suit is a great piece of gear at a very reasonable price.

If you are new to the sport or an old timer just looking to get a suit, I think Ice Runner is a fantastic place to start. This is a perfect entry level at a price that won’t break the bank. You can pick up the whole package for $199.99. For something that could very well save your life, this is more than acceptable.   

Find it Here:

What could be done better?

The only frustration I had with this suit was the hood. It would often come partially unzipped and flop around. I also missed the two big front pockets that many of the competitors coats have. I worry that the fabric at the knee is the weak point of this suit but will need more testing to see how it holds up. Overall it is a great suit that I am happy to wear on my adventures.

Ice Runner Winter Float Suit

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


Ice fishing is fun but it has many risks. Falling through the ice is everyone’s greatest fear. Protect yourself with the power of insulation and floatation with an Ice Runner Float Suit. It may just save your life!




Chest strap



Limited pockets

Knee fabric may be a weak point